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Furniture solution for music practice space (Repost from

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Set Up Your Songwriting Space

Welcome to SongWrite. This article will help you set up your songwriting space.

Introductory Questions

First, I have a few questions for you. This blog is new and I have no idea who is reading it. Please share your responses or questions in the comments section. That will help me tailor future articles.

  • Are you new to songwriting?
  • Did you write a song this week?
  • Have you written a song or songs in the past?
  • Did you come here looking for a few tips to improve your practice?

Whatever your situation, you are going to be writing more songs soon.

Set Up Your Songwriting Space

Setting up your songwriting space is an important act. It’s a signal to yourself that you are ready to write–at any time. It’s a signal to yourself that you will be prepared when inspiration strikes. Follow these steps and you will be able to focus on songwriting without distraction. Set up your songwriting space so that you are ready when your song moment comes.

Pick the Right Spot

As you ask yourself the following questions (touchy-feely disclaimer):

  • Is there a place in my home/workspace where I feel energized, creative, happy? Go and stand in that area. Think about how you feel.
  • Ask yourself, “Can I dedicate this place (or a portion of this space) to songwriting?” If your answer is yes, proceed to the next section (Pick the Right Tools). If not, think of another area in your home, rinse and repeat.

    two guitars by eric beverly

    Pick the Right Tools

    Now think about the following questions, grab what ever comes to mind, and place it in your songwriting area:

    • What instrument(s) do I use or want to use to write music?
    • How can I easily capture songs as they come to me? Do I prefer to write using sheet music, a pen and paper, a handheld recorder, a 4-Track, ProTools, etc.?
    • Where’s my tuner?
    • Do I want to sit or stand?

    Depending on your responses to the questions above, set up your space so that you have all of the tools you will likely need. Think about the basics that come to mind. Don’t worry if you can’t have everything you want.

    Pick Your Inspiration

    Consider using a peg board for inspirational quotes, photos, goals, and random thoughts you may have. Who inspires you? What’s your favorite band?

    Stay Organized

    Set up a basic filing system with separate spaces for song bits or fragments, mostly completed songs, and completed songs. A basic notebook will do if you are just getting started. Keep your song ideas organized and you will spend less time being frustrated.

    Pat Your Self on the Back

    Congratulations. You’ve set up your songwriting space. Next time, I’ll discuss the importance of showing up. In the mean time, if you feel ready to write, go for it. Until then, thanks for dropping in.

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    Give it away now: Get a free download of my song “Dead Saints”

    Get a free download of “Dead Saints” by Eric Beverly here

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    Do You Know What I Mean?

    Here is a video of one of my songs, “Do You Know What I Mean?” My band Eric Beverly and the Sunday Best performed this song live at La Zona Rosa – Clubside in Austin, Texas on January 21, 2010.

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    Looking for the right chord? may help

    From the site

    “A useful resource for all musicians — improvisers can make sure they can play over any harmony; songwriters can find that elusive lost chord to complete their chord progression.

    Each chord comes with its own looped backing track and an explanation of the scale choices that fit with it.

    Choose a chord from the drop down menus and click ‘Go’, or click ‘Random’ to have a random chord generated for you.”

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    I am playing at Googie’s in New York City – Come see me!

    Gig alert: I am playing in New York City at Googie’s, located above the Living Room, on November 3rd at 9:30 p.m. Please come out for my NYC debut. Please share with any friends that you have in NYC!

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    My new album–Songs in the Key of Divorce–is available for digital download

    “Songs in the Key of Divorce” was recorded at home between 2004 and 2005 during my divorce process. The songs were written and recorded as first takes, with few exceptions. Now for the first time you can buy the album here!

    This album goes well with a Jack and Coke. Please share it with anyone who’s been through a devastating breakup!

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